Ongoing Notices

Donuts & Coffee:   Are available after Sunday Masses for a donation.

New Families & Individuals: Are always welcome and are asked to register as soon as possible. Also please notify the Church of changes of address.

Sunday Envelopes:  The use of Sunday Envelopes is recommended as the ordinary means of financial support of the parish. You can find them in the pews or at the back of the Church.

Vigil Candles: are available to be lit in the Church. A donation of $2.00 is requested for each candle to be placed before the statues, and $3.00 for those candles to be placed in the sanctuary for your intentions. Please leave your donation in an envelope with specific instructions.

Adult Instruction: Available every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. and everyone is welcome to attend!

Pre-Cana: A required meeting for young adults and singles preparing for the sacrament of matrimony takes place on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.

St. Felicissimus School: Please save your Campbell's soup labels and product labels, as the school collects these to get free educational items. We also collect aluminum cans.

Baptismal Registrations: Please see the Parish Secretary.

Devotions / Devociones Rosary: Half hour before Mass.

Rosario: Media hora antes de Misa.

Benediction: After First Friday or First Saturday Masses (12 persons present is required).

Bendicion con El Santisimo: Despues de la Misa de los primeros Viernes o Sabados (Es necesario tener 12 personas presentes).

Quinceaneras: Consulte con Padre Krier.

For house blessings or any other blessings, please contact Fr. Krier or the Parish Secretary.

We have a pretty extensive book store & gift shop, which you may visit before or after Sunday Masses. If you wish to order a particular book or religious gift, please contact the Parish Secretary.

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