About St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Offering the Traditional & Tridentine Latin Mass Only!

We are located in downtown Las Vegas at the intersection of 9th & Ogden Streets. We first opened in 1982 with Father James Wilson as the founding pastor. At this time there were no priests in the area offering a Mass according to the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church. At the requests of many traditional Catholics, Father Wilson offered the Sacraments and faith that they were used to before the Second Vatican Council-a council which, contrary to all the teachings and laws of the Catholic Church, changed the Catholic Faith. In March of 1993, Father Courtney Edward Krier began assisting Father James Wilson in the care of the faithful attending St. Joseph's. Since the death of Father Wilson in 1997, Father Krier has expanded the beautiful chapel, making it the present sanctury the faithful now attend.

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