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Month of the Holy Child

  1. Volunteers are needed for the Food Pantry on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the month from 9am – 12pm. We will have the food pantry January 22/23 and February 12/13.
  2. We are still in need of various projects to be done or completed. If you have maintenance skills, please see Father to assist. We want to re-do the floor of the sanctuary and the nave.
  3. Today, January 13, is the annual Parish Meeting at 9:00am. All parishioners are welcome to attend.
  4. On Wednesdays at 6:00pm there is the weekly Church gathering where there will be the opportunity to join in discussions of the Catholic Faith, History and Sacred Scripture. Everyone is invited. Adults preparing for Sacraments must attend.

Feast of the Holy Family
by Fathers of the Church

CYRIL, Catena G.F.: Since the Evangelist had said that the Child grew and waxed strong, he thereupon verifies his words, and shows Jesus going up to Jerusalem together with the sacred Virgin. Hence he says: And when He was twelve years old, they going into Jerusalem.

GEOMETER, Catena G.F.: Not that the unveiling of His wisdom exceeded the measure of His years; but when as with us the age of discretion is usually attained, that is, in the twelfth year, the wisdom of Christ was made known.

AMBROSE, in Luke ii. 32: Or, the beginning of the Lord's Disputation is reckoned from His twelfth year. For here the number of those announcing the faith that was to be made known ought to be commemorated. BEDE in Luke: This we may here affirm: that because by the septcnary number, as by the duodenary (which is made up from the parts of the septenary number multiplied by each other) ·the whole universe of things and events and their perfection is signified; and accordingly that He may teach in what manner all places and times are to be employed, the divine Light of Christ rightly makes a beginning from the number twelve.

BEDE, in Hom. Dom. infra oct. Epiph.: That Our Lord went each year with His parents to Jerusalem for the Pasch is an indication of His humility as man. For it is in the nature of men to come together to offer sacrifice to God, and to join in prayer to Him. The Lord, therefore, born a man among men, did that which God commanded by His angels.1 Hence it is said: According to the custom of the feast. Let us then imitate the way of His earthly converse among men if we desire to rejoice in the vision of His glory.

GEOMETER: The feast being over and the others having departed, Jesus secretly remains behind. Hence there follows: And having fulfilled the days, when they returned, the child Jesus remained in Jerusalem; and his parents knew it not. He says: Having fulfilled the days; for the solemnity continued for seven days. He then remains, secretly, lest His parents be a hindrance to the disputations He was about to hold with the Doctors of the Law. Or perhaps, putting this reason aside, that He might not appear to despise them if He did not obey their commands. He therefore remains secretly lest He be either brought back, or become disobedient.

ORIGEN, Hom. 19 in Luke: We need not wonder they arc called parents, since one, by giving Him birth, the other through obedience, merited the names of mother and father. DEDE in Luke: But someone may ask how could the Son of God, cherished with such care bv His parents, be forgotten and left behind? To which we answer, that it was the custom of the children of Israel that when they were either going or returning from Jerusalem at the time of the festival that men and women journeyed separately: infants and children could go with one or other parent as they pleased; hence we have: Thinking he was in the company.

ORIGEN: As when the Jews rose up against Him and He passed through the midst of them (Lk. iv. 29; also Jn. viii. 59; x. 39), so now I believe did the Child Jesus remain, and His parents did not know that He had remained; for there follows: And not finding him, they returned into Jerusalem, seeking Him. GLOSS: On one day they travel home from Jerusalem. On the next they search among their kindred and friends, and not finding Him with them they return on the third day to Jerusalem and there they find Him. Hence: And it came to pass that after three days they found him in the temple.

ORIGEN: He is not found immediately He is looked for; nor is He found among cousins and kindred of the flesh; no mere human tie could stand in the way of the Son of God. He is not found among the famous of the world, because He is above all fame. He is not found in the company of those travelling; they find him nowhere but in the Temple. And you must therefore seek Him there in the Temple, seek Him in the Church, where you will find the Word and the Wisdom of Christ, that is, of the Son of God.

AMBROSE: After three days He is found in the Temple for, a sign that after the three days of His triumphal passion, He rising up that was believed dead, would reveal Himself to our faith in the heavenly Seat, surrounded with divine honour. GLOSS: Or, because, the Coming of Christ was sought first by the Patriarchs, before the Law, and was not found; secondly, it was sought by the prophets and by the just, under the Law, and not found; it was then sought for by the Gentiles, under the dispensation of grace, and found. ORIGEN, as above: Because He was the Son of God He was found in the midst of the Doctors, giving them wisdom, and instructing them; because He was a little boy He is found in their midst, not teaching, but asking them questions; hence: they found Him, sitting in the midst of the doctors, hearing them and asking them questions; and this was a task of piety, that He might teach us what is becoming to the young, although they be wise and learned, that they should rather desire to hear their Masters than wish to teach them, and not leave themselves open to idle boasting. He questioned, not that He might learn, but that by questioning He might instruct. For to question and to answer wisely flows from the same source of knowledge. Hence: and all that heard were astonished.

BEDE: To show He was a Man He humbly listened to men as to teachers: to show that He was God He answers these same with Wisdom from on high. GEOMETER: He questions reasonably, He listens prudently, and replies yet more prudently; at which they were astonished. CHRYSOSTOM, Hom. 20 in John: The Lord performed no 'miracles in His Childhood. Luke however discloses this single event, through which He is seen to be astonishing. BEDE: The divine tongue showed forth the divine wisdom, but the tender years give the semblance of human frailty. Hence the Jews, between the sublimity of what they hear, and the lowliness of what they see, arc troubled with doubting wonder. We however do not wonder, knowing from the Prophet Isaias that the Child that is thus born to us remains still God the Mighty (ls. ix. 6).

GEOMETER: The most admirable Mother of God, sorrowing in her Maternal heart makes anguished inquiries, as if with tears, and as a mother puts all into words, truthfully, humbly, and lovingly. Hence:And His mother said to Him: Son, why hast thou done so to us? Behold thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing. ORIGEN, Homily 19: The sacred Virgin knew that He was not the son of Joseph, and yet calls her spouse His father, because of the Jews, who commonly regarded Him as conceived. Homily 17: It may perhaps be said simply that the Spirit honoured him with the name of father because he had nurtured the Child Jesus; but legally, because the genealogy of Joseph descended from David, and lest the genealogy be considered superfluous, he is called father. Homily 19: Why did they seek Him sorrowing? Was it that He had perished or strayed? Far from it. Was it possible they feared that the Child could be lost Whom they knew to be the Lord? But it was as when you are reading Scripture, and you seek with pain to find the meaning within it, not that you think that the Scripture has erred, or narrated something wrongly, but you strive to find the truth that is hidden there. So they sought for Jesus, lest perhaps leaving them He might have returned to heaven, whence He would again descend when it pleased Him. Whoever therefore seeks Jesus must not seek Him carelessly, or disconnectedly, as many seek but do not find Him; but with toil and anxiety.

GLOSS: Or they were fearful lest what Herod had sought to accomplish when Jesus was an Infant, now, grown into boyhood, others, finding an opportunity, might achieve. GEOMETER: But the Lord Himself replied to all their anxieties, and correcting in a certain measure her saying regarding him who was reputed His father, revealed His true Father; teaching that here He walked not with weak footsteps, but that He was raised on high.

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